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Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Morning Summary

The Democreeps have another health care plan packaging effort, and it involves plenty of deception. Just to call the Obamaplan Government Run Health care bugged too many people, so now Single payer is called Public Option, no, Co-ops.... Just remember, Co-ops = Public Option = Single Payer = Government Run Health = More Government Control Over Your Life.

The Repellicans have a wit: Sen. Jim DeMint Calls Government-Run Health Co-ops "Fannie Med." How droll.

CNN noticed Tim Geitner, in an unusual fit of honesty, admitted Mr Obama is considering general tax increases to offset the administration's stupid spending deficit. CNN subsequently squelched the interview.

The dollar is dropping against Western currencies this morning. The dollar rebounded a little against eastern currencies. The dollar has already fallen about 15% against the Yen this year, so this recovery should not be taken too seriously.

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