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Friday, September 4, 2009


You've noticed that I am Johnny-One-Note when it comes to government controlled health care. If you think the government should help with drug and hospital costs, let us discuss that. Maybe we can work something out.

But this administration and the Democratic controlled Congress is planning something far different. There are two very toxic tests in the Obama health control plan, the prognosis test and the means test. If you have an extremely serious disease, you may fail the prognosis test and be given pain medication while you die. If you have any wealth at all, Mr Obama's thugs gets to raid your piggy bank before deciding what treatment you get: Most private insurance policies are designed to preserve wealth.

For evil measure Mr Obama saw to it they added a requirement which limits privately supplied health care. This makes it abundantly clear this scheme is a government takeover of the worst sort.

In a year or two, I predict there will be a social desirability clause quietly added. This will be used to deny treatment to politically undesirable elements, conservative religious types and other "useless" people..

Its clear this health takeover will be an open declaration of war on the free people of the United States. We have the right and duty to respond in kind.

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