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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Democratic Party Indifference (or Incompetence)

Politicians are just as dumb as the next guy when it comes to doing anything... except getting elected. They don't care. Politicians are not competent. And dare I say it? Democrats are most indifferent and incompetent.

Take war for example.

Just like the period with Lyndon Johnson (D), during the 1960's, when inflation began to gallop, and Johnson(D) drove us deeper and deeper into the Viet Nam quagmire. Just like the Jimmah Carter(D) era during the 1970's, or that two year sliver during the early 1990's, when the democreeps held control of both the Congress and the Presidency, the economy is sputtering and misery stalks the streets? Why? Why is everything sputtering if everyone is so delighted? What is it about modern economics which makes the economy tailspin when the Democreeps get control?

How is it, since the mid-twentieth century, the Democreeps always make war and botch it so badly they cannot win? Korea, Mr Truman (D); Viet Nam, Mr Johnson (D); the cold war with Iran, started under Mr Carter (D); Somalia, lost under Mr Clinton (D); Bosnia, recently concluded, Mr Clinton (D); and now Afghanistan, Mr Obama (D).

It took Republicans to get us out of these wars. Korea was concluded by Mr Eisenhower (R); Viet Nam by the much maligned Mr Nixon (R); Iran is still a problem; Somalia is still a mess; Bosnia was concluded by Mr W Bush; Iraq was started by Mr Bush and concluded by Mr W Bush (R); Afghanistan's Taliban was overthrown by Mr W Bush (R), but Mr Obama has re-ignited that war.

In each case, each struggle had merits. In each case, the Democrat Commander in Chief screwed the pooch. These are not toy soldiers whose lives they are spending, but try to tell the "compassionate" Party. The Rules of Engagement promulgated by the Obama administration essentially require the American soldier to ask the enemy to surrender prior to killing the enemy.

Every big move the Democrats make Democraters. The question must be asked, Are the Democreeps incompetent or insane?


Rep. Pelosi launched Health Control and Stupid, Wild Spending Bill #2. This bill isn't the old bill. This bill is twice as bulky and more invasive than the last one. You know what Pelosi is doing? That Queen of Snot Farmers is trying to wear us out with her inane insistence. She and her leftist buddies cannot give up the dream. Somehow, they must get control of your skin, and if you suffer, what matter to them? Will these bums control medicine?

Pelosi and the Democreep crew have nothing at risk. They change the rules for us and insulate themselves from the those changes. When they send common folk to war, they fortify the Halls of Congress. When they send us to the doctor's waiting room, they go to the front of the line. "It's the la-a-aw." This is the compassion of the Democratic Party.

Indifferent Democreeps or incompetent Democreeps, don't get me wrong. There'll be Cadillac treatment for everyone who gets in first, because every doctor left in the system will want to avoid lawsuits. Besides, "no one is paying for it anyhow."

Eventually medicine will suffer because of cost cutting. The Democreep controlled government will complain they need to cut costs and "be responsible with the people's money," meanwhile ignoring the people. Medicine will no longer be practiced based on best medical opinion, but on whoever got in line first. Many will not get the treatment they need because the government will need to meter out the care to control costs.

Waiting lists, lost time, and much death, all the result. And this assumes all the government people have good intent to operate the system.

The New, 1,990 page, Massively Intrusive, Arrogant, Screw Your Health, Control People Bill Link. Read it.

Seriously, this new proposal has some pretty interesting pork, such as Sec. 106. Scholarship programs for Indian Tribes and Sec. 116. Tribal cultural orientation. Good for them. Let's plug in a "study" for government cultural control for native Americans to our National Socialist Health and Death Bill. Nancy Pelosi --- you slay me....


Final Note:

It is fascinating how much was foreseen by the drafters of the American Constitution. "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. [Am 10, US Constitution]" Since the words, "provide free health care" or anything like that do not appear in the constitution, the government is forbidden to do it.

Why not ignore the constitution? Because the constitution is supposed to protect individuals; the same people who'll be getting the health care shaft. Ignoring the constitution entrusts too much power to a greedy government. In a republic, no one should have to live in fear.

For them to control medicine or the economy is just as unconstitutional as would third term for George Bush. See the 10th Amendment. This administration and Congress are nearing full rebellion against the lawful government of the United States. If they rebel, they should be put out of office, arrested and tried for treason.

The only other way is for us to line up meekly for death care.

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