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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Washington State - How dare the people!

Initiative 1033 is an attempt by Washington State residents to restore responsible, rational government to the state. Washington state preserves in its constitution the right of the people to petition the government directly, and the will of the people is the supreme law of the land. But, by bad luck, the “Democratic” Party rules; the people have no hope for real democracy.

The present state government has spent 9 billion more than they have in revenue. (This sounds so tame compared to to the Obama government spending 1.5 trillion in deficit.) Deficit spending is outlawed in this state. No debt slavery for Washington.

The initiative would make it illegal to increase taxation for an unbalanced budget. More accurate, the imitative would make increasing taxation, without specific voter approval, illegal.

So along comes all the misrepresentation and outright lies from the fascist Left. The claim on television ads is the initiative 1033 would ruin education. Classes will be oversize, students will be forced to learn poorly, and the children will suffer.

"Government officials should live lavish lifestyles, at the expense of good schools" is the real message. Creeps.

If it is enacted, I-1033 will provide one more means to hold elected officials accountable. That is the one reason the elected officials hate it. They know how to lavish money on themselves. Who deserves it more, them, or you, the person who earned it?


The Rattler said...

We passed a similar bill in California but the 'wise ones' changed the verbiage of increases from taxes to fees. I believe king o and princes pelosi are following suite. Us simple folk will never catch on.

Bob Qat said...

The WA? state legislature aped CA and did the same thing. Initiative 1033 controls state government revenue growth, so it should be more effective for a while.

The pond scum left is spending millions of dollars to defeat this measure. Notable is the diversion of thousands of National Education Association dollars from Washington DC to the anti 1033 side. The corruption is at high tide.