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Monday, November 16, 2009

"Democratic" Slavery Party.

The “Democratic” Party are the party of the enslavers. The “Democratic” Party has always been the party of the enslaver. Before and during the American Civil War, the “Democratic” Party refused to condemn slavery because so many of their members were southern "gentlemen" who enslaved human beings. After the War and when the slaves were freed (by Republican Abe Lincoln), the “Democratic” Party took over the South and made it solid against freedom.

These are historical facts. These are th facts that the Leftist controlled media won't bring up and the Leftist controlled public indoctrination system (schools) lies about.

Now, in a twisted turn, the “Democratic” Party's first black President will enslave all Americans, in some kind of weird payback for American Slavery which the “Democratic” Party promoted in the first place.

Frederick Douglass became the first black candidate for the office of President, as a Republican in 1888. At convention, Mr Douglass scored only one vote from the floor, and was not the Party's nominee.

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