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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Health Crime!

Traditionally, government uses taxes to get revenue to spend. The Democreeps use taxes to control behavior.

For background:

The Obama-Pelosi gang understand a tax on energy use will decrease the amount energy people use. An 80% federal tax on energy is the centerpiece of Mr Obama's energy policy. Likewise, they know they can control behavior other ways. They put monster taxes on tobacco sales, in order to curb tobacco use.

Obama-Pelosi, etc. will use their government health control bill to tax health itself. Being old is treatable with end-of-life planning. Being categorically needy is treated with eugenic planning. The only behavior rewarded by their plan is unhealthy.

Likewise, Obama-Pelosi seek to tax capital gains at alarming rates. Make making anything unprofitable and they guarantee everyone poverty. They know taxation leads to decreasing the taxed activity: They do it because they want us sick and poor.

The crime for which you will be punished is being healthy. There is a “healthy” tax of thousands of dollars for being well. If you take care of your own health, then you must pay. This is Mr Obama's, Nancy Pelosi's, Harry Reid's, and the “Democratic” Party's sadistic inhumanity.

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