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If they remain self-reliant, they stay free.
Ever expanding state power destroys lives.

Government panacea is a defective idea.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Senator

Government controlled access to health care is still pending in the Senate. Mr Reid and Obama hope to have a vote by Monday of next week(12/21) to enact this crippling legislation this year. We must fight it.

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Dear Hon. Senator,

The current health care plan before the Senate will drive the United States into years of crippling debt so that nothing can be paid for. In what way is this supposed to help public health?

If you vote for this ghastly health control plan, we plan to work to see to it that you are never elected to any public office again. Second, we plan to sue you to recover all the taxpayer monies ever been paid to you to help defray the cost of this terrible screw up.

Vote no.

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