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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Writing to Senator Spittle

By now you know the health care provisions of Obama's Health Control act do not start 'til 2014. But the taxing starts immediately. For four years we will pay much higher taxes so Mr Obama and his cronies can fritter away more of our money and give lavish bribes to their buddies. This is not what anyone except the self-righteous twerps in the government want.

The idea of government control of access to health care dates back FDR in the merry ol' 1930s Great Depression. They didn't have the nerve to try it then, and it won't work now. But ever full of fresh ideas, the Democreeps dredged up this millstone to drape it around our necks. An appropriate response is good rifle marksmanship, but we are all a little timid about that.


As always, I attempt to instill some confusion in the enemy. So I sent this to Washington State's ultra-condescending, leftist, snot-nose Senators Murray and Cantwell.

"Republican candidates now have an eight-point lead over Democrats, their biggest lead of the year, in the latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot." from Rasmussen Reports

Keep it up dorkface, and you'll hand the Congress over to the Republicans.

Vote no on Obama Care

I don't imagine they'll mistake me for an un-enthused Democreep, but you never know.

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