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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stinky Politics

Scary that thought that Demos Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota are quitting the Senate. They now become lame ducks and can vote any way they want. The reason they are quitting is because they weaken the Democreep Party's chances of keeping control of those seats. Let us all email them and recommend they run again.

The all-important "independent" is the voter who flatters himself he votes for the person, not the party. Inevitably, the independent cannot think clearly because he has no political philosophy to guide him. He votes for the person because he believes politics don't matter.

Politics are most of what matters in government. The "Democratic" Party and Mr Obama's politics of regimenting the people come from the political view that individuals don't matter. That makes Mr Obama's and the Democrats' politics stink. Even if Mr Obama were a saint (not likely), his politics would still stink.

In a republic, law is for everyone, there is no stratification of society. In Democrazy America, there are rules which lead to inequality. Using the well known example, the Democrats in Congress have complete public pay health care, no waiting, no qualification. They go to the front of the line for the very best at absolutely no charge to them; we the people get regulated health care.

Congresspeople retire, and get a monster retirement, even for 'serving' only one term; we the people will find Social Security is broke. We the people should never have accepted the lie of social security anyway. We should save for ourselves, but our savings evaporate because of inflation. Now, if we invest in inflation proof equities, Mr Obama and Democreeps will declare us "rich" and tax it away in plain theft.

Rules are designed to give favored status to the politically useful, like race rules of "affirmative action." In the end, an aristocracy emerges and Justice is subverted.

That is the result of the Democratic Party's vision. Resist it. Vote the Democrat rascals out. (Vote out any Republican rascals out too.) Power to the people.

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