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Monday, March 8, 2010

"Let's seize reform. It's within our grasp"

Seize reform? What does that mean? Seize the rights of free citizens?


"How much higher do premiums have to rise?" Obama asked. Then he added "Let's seize reform. It's within our grasp," AP article.

Political football, but in sudden death playoff. There is no improvement in health care access. Genuine improvement would result in better health care. But all indications are health care will be worsened by government control. There is no address of the genuine problems of health care, like strictly identifying tort limits of doctor or hospital resposibility. The whole government control angle will only benefit the politicans in power. Those are the same politicans who already give themselves unlimited healthcare access through special programs at your expense.This health bill is a gigantic waste, taxes first, and a giant bill for us. Not Mr Obama, not the Democrat politicians.

How much higher do taxes have to rise? How much higher does debt slavery have to go? Until Mr Obama's greed for power is sated. Mr Obama's control of our health is too juicy a prize for him to forget. He will keep coming back with Government health control until we the people lose..


Mr Obama's principle skill is causing misery. Unemployment is up, the economy still wobbles, and he insists it because we haven't gotten screwed with Mr Obama's health care control. Precisely arrogant Mr Obama... wants us enslaved and miserable or just plain or miserable.


I'm sorry for this post. Mr Obama is back trying to hump the public to give him unlimited power. I want him stopped so I can be my relaxed and happy pre-Obama self again..

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Anonymous said...

These progressives will stop at nothing short of out and out revolution to get what they want...complete power.