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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Militias and Federal Agents

Comparing motivations and history

The private militia group Hutaree had to be "taken down" according to federal authorities. The feds claim Hutaree were a violent cult with plans to threaten the government in April.

Members say they were a shooting club which taught survival skills. Hutaree have an odd ranking system posted on their web page and a number of Bible citations they cast as doomsday statements. Meanwhile the "Democratic" Party controlled press airs video of Army training exercises, implicitly claiming these are videos of the group. But the footage they show is much too well taken to be a private video camera hobbyist.

Is this a violent portent of cultist Christian uprising? Or merely an excuse for the government to do havoc to harmless citizens?

The pollster Rasmussen said, "Democrats in particular have raised the specter of possible violence following their passage of a national health care plan that has been consistently opposed by most voters."

The government attacked the oddball militia Hutaree because they are a doomsday order. I wonder if we are soon to see a repeat of the Branch Davidian massacre the Clinton administration carried out.

We were told Branch David had to be destroyed because they were alleged to have had machine guns, and "for the children" of cult members. Eventually, the FBI murdered everyone in the Branch David church buildings, including their vilified target, David Koresh. Koresh was a doomsday visionary.

The fringe militias often have doomsday visions. Often the group is focused on unreal expectations of future events. This makes them inviting targets to like minded screwballs in the government.

The doomsdayers see their vision materializing, thus everything in their odd world view is confirmed. A vicious government has a chance to let the blood of non-conforming weirdos. It is no surprise the Obama administration rose to the bait.

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