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Monday, March 29, 2010

Passover Telling

On the night of Passover, as we gather around the Seder table with our families and our guests, we remind ourselves of the enormous tragedy that befell our people in the land of Egypt. At first, we were welcomed with honor and respect, but as the years passed and the first generations died out, the Egyptians turned against us, and little by little they withdrew our rights and privileges until we were trapped in a bondage that lasted numerous years.

It was a terrible time for our ancestors, a time of hunger and hardship, a time of persecution, abuse and abject terror. Then G-d forced the Egyptians to set them free, and they went forth to their destiny as a great and independence nation that would enrich the world with its genius and passion.

So the Telling begins:

"This is the poor bread our ancestors ate in Egypt. All that are hungry may come and eat. All that are needy may step inside. Now we're slaves, next year we'll be free. Now we're here. Next year we'll be in the land of Israel."

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