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Friday, March 26, 2010

Snap Out of It

Several things we should think about

Mr Obama's economic plans contain a dangerous implication. The importance of the individual is dwindling. Yet state planning and control have another dark side no one has mentioned yet.

As the private sector continues to lose ground, as under Obama, world peace is threatened. With the growth of the corporatist economy, collision of national economies becomes a real possibility. Under Obama style corporatism, world peace depends on the imagination and good will of only a few political leaders.

In a free economy, international trade and business are viewed as private problems, not requiring government armies.


Government Financial Control

Inflation control may not be a problem so much as getting people to trust the greenback. Price inflation depends on not only the volume of dollars in circulation, but whether the circulation is happening at increasing or decreasing rates. (An increasing rate suggests price inflation). People may accept more the currency, but have less places to spend it, thus intercepting the price spiral. But this is not a good way to stop price inflation. The result is people stuffing their mattresses with an otherwise devalued currency.

In the name of punishing tax evasion and market regulation, the Obama Administration has cracked down on dollar alternatives. Investors have had to switch to dollar denominated funds, sopping up some inflation effects, but partially paralyzing the market. We already have currency registration in place; try making a transaction with more than $10,000 cash. Full blown currency control, with administered exchange rates and limitation, may be on the way.

The whole world expects the present Obama administration to continue to inflate the dollar wildly. But the natural strength of the domestic, people driven economy continues to power the country. Mr Obama's Stalinist thuggery has not snuffed the capitalist class out yet. So Mr Bernanke announced the Fed's free money policy will continue.


ObamaKare Aftermath

“ObamaCare is really about who commands the country's medical resources,” an editorial in The Wall Street Journal noted the day before the legislation was passed. “It vastly accelerates the march toward a totally state-driven system, in contrast to reforms that would fix today's distorted status quo by putting consumers in control.”

Mr Obama and his buddies in Congress are spending money the country doesn't have on a program they know can't work – all to expand government’s control over the private sector and reach into the private lives of American citizens. The individual American is forced to cede his personal sovereignty to government control.

Several corporations and companies will collapse under the added health tax burden. The freshly unemployed are expected to cry to the government to save them. Thus the Demos will be swept back into power, should they lose their stranglehold in November. This is exactly the same way the same Party prolonged the misery of the Great Depression.


Fine Corruption

Has the media all begun to sing the praises of their false savior? They are gearing up to completely support this administration and all the Leftist supporters in the November elections. The Scott Brown victory caught them by surprise. Now the administration and the Party controlled media will stop at nothing to ensure "Democratic" Party victory. Scott Rasmussen's poll numbers are showing soaring improvement since this media blitz began.

Look for the administration's pet union, the SEIU, to stage phony demonstrations and to funnel massive amounts of government cash back into the Party coffers. We are to be defeated with our own money.


Fight back! Its up to us never to stop talking, blogging, and fighting for the country we love. For this country is under attack by the socialists. If we don't fight, Liberty dies.

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