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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blumenthal Caught In His Lies

Democrat Richard Blumenthal, running for Connecticut's US Senate seat, baldly asserted he had served in Viet Nam. It never happened. Blumenthal fessed up. Rather than being hooted out of the election, people at the news conference applauded Blumenthal for his lie.

This rates a 10 on the "Huh?" scale. This is a fairly new thing. Why on earth do Democrats adore confessed liars of far left political stripe? What's next, suborning perjury? Currently serving as Connecticut Attorney General, Blumenthal should have lost his current job for such stupidity and been totally disqualified from the Senate.

Time will tell.

The New York Times ran a couple of stories on this. Here's one and the other.


The Sovereign Society provides today's Fun Fact: "Did you know that Washington, D.C., boasts the highest per capita consumption of booze in the United States? Yikes… The emperor has no clothes and he’s on a bender!"

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