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Saturday, June 5, 2010


There's lies, d-mn lies, and statistics, Mark Twain once said (Will Rogers sometimes gets the credit.) But 96.37% of all statistics are faked anyway.

While mucking around at Rasmussen I noticed its possible to compare the percentage of Democrats who strongly support Mr Obama (45%) to the percentage of Independents who strongly oppose Mr Obama (46%). Those figures vary some day to day; nothing is cast in concrete.

But support for this President is vanishing. He is so corrupt as to be startling. His faithful Left is eroding, and those who remain are suggesting more and more draconian suppression of the populace. They should recall that is was Democrat John Kennedy who said, "If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitable."

I doubt there will be blood on the street anytime soon. The American people are tougher than that. But there will be plenty of pain because of what this administration and Congress has done. I just hope the people are in the mood to remove the guilty without demolishing the innocent as well.

We definitely need a change. Because of the massive debt the hyper-spending Democrats have incurred in our name, we cannot go on supporting the helpless. They have spent mercy out of the picture. The Democrats carelessness have now forced us into a position of choosing misery for some or misery for all.

The change we must have is an improvement in ourselves, without Big Brother telling us what to do. When we pick up the pieces from this Demolition Party binge, we must also look to helping those who can really use the help to better themselves. And we need to get much less interference from an administration who has already proven they have no stomach for real change.

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