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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Incumbent "Victory," according to Time

In Arkansas politics, incumbent SenatorBlanche Lincoln won the "Democratic" Party's primary to re-run for the US Senate in the fall.

From this, Time Magazine concluded voters have lost their "rage" against incumbents. Witness, they said, the re-nomination of Lincoln.

Never mind that the candidate Lincoln ran against is farther left that Mr Obama, Bill Halter.

Never mind Arkansas allows voters to vote only partisan ballots in primary elections. This was a "Democratic" Party decision, not a general plebiscite.

Never mind that in 1994 Blanche Lincoln backed much of the Republican Contract With America. Although no moderate (Lincoln also voted for Government Health Care Access Control), the leftist Lincoln is a mild moderate compared to Halter.

A more reasonable conclusion than Time's is this: In this primary, "Democratic" Party voters did not support an incumbent so much as they repudiated a farther left movement of their party.

The main revelation was known before the election. Lincoln is already behind in polling against US Representative John Boozman, the Republican she opposes.

Perhaps there is hope for change after all.


Super Tuesday had another surprise for the "Democratic" Party. South Carolina had a come from nowhere win by Alvin Greene. Greene, presently an unemployed veteran, lives with his parents. He faces an unrelated obscenity charge, had no public campaign, no events, no signs, no debates, no website, no fund raising....

South Carolinian Democrat voters prefered him over Vic Rawl, the official "Democratic" Party favorite. That says something.

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