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Friday, July 30, 2010

Obama seeks to circumvent Congress

The Obama administration, unable to push an immigration overhaul through Congress, is considering ways it could go around lawmakers to let undocumented immigrants stay in the United States, according to an agency memo.

News story:
Administration weighs skirting Congress on immigration



Some review information if its been a while since you had civics class.

Under the US Constitution, which is the organizational plan for power in the US government:

1. Congress makes the laws of the Federal Government.

2. The President executes the law of the land, as those laws are made by Congress. (Being a prominent citizen, the President may propose making of law. Presidential advice is often made into law)

3. Federal Courts determine consistency of federal law with historical law and compliance to the US Constitution, as written.


Illegal move, Mr Obama

By seeking to circumvent the Congress' law-making function, Mr Obama's Administration directly seeks to undermine the Constitutional separation of power. This can no longer be called "administration" of the law under the Constitution. Mr Obama seems to be acting more like a dictator.

Thus it is necessary to remove Mr Obama from the Presidency. Mr Obama, you must be arrested for plotting overthrow of our democracy and free Republic. Congress, your task is clear: Impeach him; Try him; Convict him; Expel him; Imprison him.


Look beneath the covers.

It appears Mr Obama is trying to provoke some sort of nationalist backlash against foreigners. This would give him a new class of people to "protect." You can just hear the gooey sentimentalism about victimized foreigners only seeking a better life. (No mention of the fact those foreigners are all law breakers).

Leftist ideology is built on the idea of victim classes versus a victimizer class. Mr Obama hates Americans most; he views Americans as victimizers. So any policy he promulgates will seek to damage Americans. The fact that Mr Obama seeks to circumvent Congress and simultaneously enhance his personal power shows how well he can create an opportunity for his own self-advancement.

Self-advancement? Personal power? How else can it be the "peace" candidate (remember that all our troops were to be out of Iraq in 12 months) has the started another, more serious war, in Afghanistan? (more below)

Mr Obama's sole lust is for personal power. He fits in well with like-minded power seekers inside the Washington DC beltway. But Mr Obama cannot be trusted. He is far too crafty. The only reason he has any support among the American people is that half are below normal.


Implications for Afghanistan

Things are getting worse in Afghanistan. This has been the worst month for American combat deaths since we entered the country. Is the victory in Afghanistan going to be worth it? Certainly, if it can be had. Mr Bush had already pretty much secured that victory during his tenure, and the Afghan countryside was calmed.

Remember that as soon as Mr Obama was elected, he started trying to bully Afghan President Hamid Karzai into seeking peace talks with the Taliban. Taliban correctly interpreted this as a sign of weakness in the Karzai government, what with the apparent loss of support of the Americans. So Taliban geared up for round two.

This required response from Washington. At first, in master stroke of stupidity or craftiness, Mr Obama chided Mr Karzai for the uptick in fighting. Now the Americans find themselves embroiled in a deepening struggle between the Afghan people, their Taliban oppressors and a growing popular Afghan impression that Mr Karzai is merely a puppet ruler for foreign influences.

Meanwhile, Mr Obama enjoys traditional American support for the President, whoever he is, during wartime. So far, Mr Obama has gotten a pass for botching America into the elevated fighting.

Putting down terrorism can be done if we have the proper commander in chief. But that is not Mr Obama's intent. He just needed a war so the American people would be more likely to support him. You can expect Mr Obama to find ways to waste American lives in order to stay in power.

You see, Mr Obama will do anything for personal power. He is that evil.

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