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Ever expanding state power destroys lives.

Government panacea is a defective idea.
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Virtue Admits No Vice

George Orwell, in his novel 1984 wrote the the Ministry of Truth insisted,

"War is peace,"
"Freedom is slavery,"
"Ignorance is strength."

Barry Obama, not to be outdone, says,

"Economic Stimulus"
"Affordable Health Care"
"Financial Regulation"
"Cap & Trade [now called Polution Control]"

The politicians are windy still. Their grip still tightens.


The whole Leftist political philosophy is based on hatred, not compassion. The social programs are compulsory, i.e, based on force. For example, the Obamacare does not permit new private insurance policies.

The programs are supported by excessive taxation, based on force. This runaway government is about control, not service. All elements of Leftism are non-negotiable. There will be no discussion.

The reason we must oppose these Leftists are that we do not wish to pass judgment on others nor force them to do our bidding. A conundrum? We can avoid becoming what we oppose. It is only the compulsion we must oppose, that is natural to life. Its the same way we can oppose a criminal with force to protect what is ours without becoming criminal.

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