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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Democrat Senator Murray (re)Defines Truth

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) just aired an election ad where she pouted that American servicemen deserve to have a tanker built in America. The ad suggested Senator Murray was better at protecting America than her Republican opponent.


A few years ago there was a news story stating the US Air Force would buy foreign made aerial refueling tankers for the KC-X program. Now Democratics are using this to challenge the patriotism of Republicans. Since the media is largely controlled by the "Democratic" Party, lets scrutinize the claim.

The two main contenders are Los Angeles Northup-Grumman, and Chicago based Boeing Aircraft. I should note that Boeing does much of its aircraft construction in Murray's Washington State. Many of the Boeing airframe sub-assemblies are made out of state and outside the U.S. Some sub-assemblies are made in China, but are up to Boeing high standards.

Northrop Grumman Corp., and its European partner, European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co. had the better plane than the one offered by Boeing. The military determined the Northup design to be less expensive and less risky. The planes were judged on nine key criteria of military utility. Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne said, "across the spectrum, all evaluated, the Northrop Grumman airplane was clearly a better performer [for the Air Force role]."

The relative American made content of both planes? Pretty equal. The only exceptionally foreign element in the Northrup aircraft is the plain fact that Northrup has a European partner, not unknown overseas suppliers. Don't get me wrong --- Boeing makes good planes. The point is outsourcing as a fact of life for American manufacturers. The cause is the "Democratic" Party controlled governments excessively tax American companies for hiring American labor. But that will be the topic of another post.

Senator Murray made an appeal to chauvinistic jingoism. This is no surprise, but she obscures the truth. In this, she is telling a lie.


I live in Washington State. I like Boeing built aircraft. I like them even though the Democratic Party controlled state government is driving them out of state piecemeal with excessive taxation.


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