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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dueling Rallies

Glenn Beck hosted the rally called Restoring Honor on the Mall in Washington DC Saturday. The purpose of the rally was to bring America in line with Beck's vision of a free country characterized by faith in God. Beck indicated America was in trouble today because of lost faithfulness. His guest orators included Sarah Palin and Alveda King.

In other words, the Restoring Honor rally was a lightning rod for the Left.

In a CNN interview, the ever ready Rev. Al Sharpton struck at Glenn Beck because Beck didn't "come up the rough side of the mountain." Sharpton insisted government programs are the solution for minority problems in America. He further insisted that Mr Beck ought to pay attention to Abraham Lincoln going to war against slave states since Arizona enacted its state law against illegal alien entry. Rev Sharpton made his argument sound like a threat to invade Arizona.

By the way, Rev Sharpton led a Washington DC rally on Saturday, proposing more government control of blacks and minorities in reply to Mr Beck's proposal of more freedom.

Sharpton's early upbringing was not too rough either. His father was a well-to-do contractor. But the contractor left home when Sharpton was only 10 years old. Sharpton's mother got work as a cleaning lady to make ends meet.

Sharpton's mother made a very intelligent and loving choice by avoiding government programs. Bill Cosby complains the Leftist government programs have sped destruction of an independent black culture in America, as outlined in a the book "Enough" by Juan Williams. Had Mrs. Sharpton not chosen the "rough side of the mountain," Al probably would have been full of cocaine and dead by his early 20s.

Its true there are some inequalities left in America. It is undeniable these inequalities exist exactly because the American Leftist "Democratic" Party desired an underclass to "champion" in order to justify government destruction of the American economic system.

But capitalism is exactly a merit based system, congenial with freedom and racial harmony. Capitalism is completely blind to race, skin color, religion, sexual orientation... the list goes on. Capitalism is not perfect, but it is far better than government control.

Capitalism and freedom are the Left's targets. Leftists would centralize economics, destroying the free market a and regiment the people, destroying personal freedom. Clearly, the "Democratic" Party's only goal is total, Stalinist, state power, with themselves in control. Its time to vote them out.

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