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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama, SCOTUS, 2nd Amendment

I haven't blogged about the right to be armed for self-defense and freedom --- an absolute right. It hasn't come up recently.

First, Both of Mr Obama's Supreme Court appointees hate your right to be armed. Despite saying the 2nd Amendment right was "settled law" in her confirmation hearing, "Justice" Sotomayor reversed that and tried to unsettle that law in the McDonald v. Chicago minority opinion.

Elena Kagen's background is an exact parallel, she was similarly evasive in her answers, so we can expect the same kind of opinions now she is on SCOTUS.

The Second Article of the Bill of Rights is about protecting the people's right to be armed. The exact wording is: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

The highlighted text identifies the right under examination --- the right is that of the people to keep and bear arms --- not of states to form militias, or arm police, or any other hokum. That is why that appears as a single phrase in the text of the amendment. Militia is developed from the people's right, and directly bearing on the security of the free state. Naturally regulation is applied to the militia, so they can shoot the enemies of the free state and not each other.

A number of bloggers complained about the National Rifle Association's, passivity about the right of self-expression. The NRA is about firearms, which is useful in vigorous support freedom of speech, but not the same thing. The bloggers agenda may be more complex. From an email:
"Not all conservatives are pro-gun. There are people out there encouraging you to stay away from the NRA. They are not NRA members, they are not shooters and they will encourage you to join any organization, [except] the NRA.

"If anyone tells you to stay away from the NRA ask them if they are a member. If the answer is "no," then realize they have the same position on the NRA that Obama and Pelosi do -- they don't want you to join."

"Media is about money and there are those that will sell out the Second Amendment for their own gain.

"Not all conservatives are pro-gun. Beware of these people."

by Mike Piccione, Guns & Patriots

Stay safe and get better armed.

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