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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Senator Patty Murray(D) says Dino Rossi(R) bad.

Democrat Murray explained Rossi "is icky-poo."

The Patty Murray campaign made an ad stating Senator Murray(D) backed the Senate's financial regulation bill (the Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 - ha-ha-ha). The ad stated her opponent Dino Rossi would reverse the FINREG bill.

Patty Murray's ad hinted that FINREG would make Wall Street pay (for what?). Murray hinted that FINREG was hard on Wall Street. BullCrap. Look at the chart. FINREG was enacted into law July 22 (the date is marked with a dot). Wall Street has done okay in the Patty Murray endorsed purgatory.

The ad went on that times are tough in Washington State, job are in decline, things are hard on ordinary folk, etc. Murray's ad concluded since Rossi would reverse the FINREG, he is on the the "Side of Wall Street, not the little people." BullCrap 2.

FINREG was enacted July 22, Stock rise. Clearly Patty Murray wants to set it up so only her buddies on Wall Street win and the rest of us... we can sink. Lying Patty Murray does not care.

Wall Street was a servant of the people until liars like Murray began to use the government to corrupt it. Patty Murray will distort and lie about history itself in order to stay in power.

All the disasters for the "little people" mentioned in the Patty Murray advertisement have happened to us while Patty Murray was on watch. Clearly, Patty Murray is incompetent to help, or worse -- she's cutting herself in on government allocated profits.

We can lose our freedom, investments or grandmother's life savings and Patty Murray will launch another Lie Campaign to trick us. In a classic Class Warfare misdirection, Comrade Patty Murkey seeks to confuse the masses into voting for her.

Patty Murray stinks. She must go.


Waste Through Micromanagement

Beginning in 2012, ObamaCare requires businesses to report all payments in excess of $600 for services or merchandise to the Internal Revenue Service on a Form 1099. If a clothing store buys $601 worth of tube socks for inventory, the store will be required to report that expense with a 1099 in addition to the regular tracking and reporting requirements for expenses.

Even businesses buying from Corporations for non-resellable goods will be required to report the expense. If you personally spend more than $600 on keeping your yard mowed (that's some yard!), you are required to report the expense on a 1099. Have you bought a bicycle lately?

What the heck does this all mean? Lots more cost for private enterprise, way in excess of the $17 billion the Obama Administration expects to gain from the measure over the next ten years. The gross inefficiency of such a burdensome double reporting requirement doesn't seem to matter to Mr Waste & Spend or his cronies.

Wasting your time and resources is what Mr Obama does best.

Do you remember the most irritating job you ever had? The boss insisted you couldn't do anything right. The boss insisted you needed constant supervision. That is what this reporting requirement is; micromanagement. Its irritating and wasteful. By sticking that provision in the Health Care bill, the Administration very clearly characterize the stinker ObamaCare is.

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