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Monday, August 16, 2010

Yes to Mosque? No to St Nicholas Parish?

President Barack Hussein Obama supports construction of the Ground Zero mosque, citing "freedom of religion." Mr Obama made his remarks at the White House Dinner celebrating Muslim Ramadan. When a candidate, this president belittled ordinary Americans for "clinging" to the (Christian) religion. There are many more subtle and tactful ways to promote Islam, but Mr Obama avoids them all.

Mr Obama displays a telling consistency -- He supports the mosque because of "freedom of religion" but does nothing to promote re-building of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Parish Church at ground zero. St. Nicholas' was destroyed in the attack on New York. NYC officials recently stonewalled the rebuilding the St. Nicholas church. The Port Authority made a deal with St Nicholas' then reneged, saying the planned replacement church was "too tall." Those same NYC officials promptly green lighted the 13-story mosque.

If this president were really interested in "freedom of religion," wouldn't he hustle to help the Greek Orthodox, not clamming up about them. Is this Mr Obama's protection of Freedom of religion? Barry Obama is a posturing, self-anointed prophet... he works to undermine America's freedom while he proclaims himself freedom's protector.

"Ground Zero is, indeed, hallowed ground." --- B.H.O. Mr Obama, insist on rebuilding what was there, and memorialize the victims. Do not promote lopsided "freedom of religion" only when it serves your Muslim purpose. Show some respect for American sensibilities, and don't build a mosque adjacent to the place where a national tragedy took place -- one perpetrated in the name of Islam.


"Obama's stance on the Ground Zero mosque should signal to Israel (and the rest of us) that the president is so wed to his ideology that he will push it regardless of political conditions."

-- Caroline B. Glick


I'm not a Greek Orthodox. But its impossible to read about the trials of the St Nicholas congregation without admiration. They have suffered at the hands (and mouths) of their government. Despite the Port Authority, and Mr Obama's betrayals, the little parish struggles on.

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