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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Republicans Are Officially to Blame?

How official? Barack Obama insisted its all their fault today.

Since the "Democratic" Party took control of Congress (where the laws are made) in 2007, U.S. unemployment rates have increased dramatically. Here's an month by month overview

The chart shows the last ten years of data in summary. You can download the spreadsheet for yourself from the US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics. The link is rigged to download the latest spreadsheet, so the data will grow next month.

The chart shows the economy began to get worse within 12 months of the "Democratic" Party taking control. The immediate impact is the same magnitude as the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, which shows in the 2002-3 employment statistics.

The "Democratic" Party damage gets worse the longer it goes on. The clear cut cost of having the "Democratic" Party control Congress and the White House shows as an increase in unemployment of over 4%.


Over seven million Americans have become unemployed since the 2006 elections. That is a lot of human misery. And today Barack Obama wailed that George Bush and the Republicans were to blame for the economic suffering that Mr Obama and the "Democratic" Party have caused. You could tell Mr Obama knew he was lying by the viciousness of his attacks.

That sort of lying isn't presidential, Mr Obama. That sort of sniveling isn't even manly.

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