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Monday, September 27, 2010


Congressional Democrats have refused to vote before Election Day on extending Bush tax cuts for the middle class [but not the wealthy].

They’re afraid to alienate wealthy voters and supporters, but also afraid to give cuts across the board because Mr. 0bama could veto the bill. So they’re doing the worst possible thing --- nothing.

It’s tough to plan for 2011 when you don’t know what your tax bill will look like. And if Congress doesn’t take any action by Dec. 31, every tax-paying American faces the biggest tax hike in history.

The Party controlled press blamed on the Republicans for the freezing effect this will have on the economy (What?).

The "Democratic" Party knows the Republicans are right about the economy, but the Demos cannot face the fact "Democratic" Party policy is so wrong.

For the country's sake, vote Republican.


With thanks to Mark Nestmann

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