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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Save the Election!

"Democratic" Party lawyers, Leftist shadow organizations and Big Labor are gearing up to challenge our Election Day victories in the courts.

They plan on following their 2008 playbook when Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman was ahead by over 700 votes election night, only to have his victory ripped away from him by Al Franken and his lawyers in a lengthy court battle.

The most important election of our lifetime is Tuesday. This is a battle for the heart and soul of our nation -- and it's a battle conservatives must win.

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid Democrats and their leftist special interests know they are in the fight of their lives and will stop at nothing to win.

There are already reports emerging from Las Vegas that Republican voters heading to the polls are finding ballots already checked for Harry Reid.

Republicans and conservatives must not stand quietly by while the Democrats and their leftist cronies flood tight races with campaign cash, packs of lawyers and paid political operatives and pre-marked ballots (What a time-saver!).

In order to protect the Peoples victories, we must finish a ground game that puts the margin of victory out of reach. It's no longer enough to win by a few hundred votes -- our conservative candidates must win by wide margins.

Fire Nancy Pelosi and Retire Harry Reid.

The final 72 hours of Campaign 2010 will determine the future of our nation.

Election 2010 Update

Nancy Pelosi will no longer Speaker of the house on January 3, 2011. Like most politicians, Nancy Pelosi contemned Americans' freedom. The uproar was over her backroom deals to profit her husband Paul Pelosi and his multi-million real estate business. Nancy had directed tens of thousands of dollars in PAC funds to her husband's business. Nancy took money from the public and gave it to herself... indirectly, of course.

Harry Reid took his re-election after a peculiar power outage in Nevada. Before the lights went out, Sharron Angle had the lead and Harry Reid was losing. When the electricity came back on, Reid had an in surmountable lead. Why does this happen so often in "Democratic" Party victories?

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Anonymous said...

This is the kind of thing I try to teach people. Can we count on a sequel?