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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Election Is Over - What matters Now?

by Billy Atwell, November 08, 2010

The anxiety of the election is over. But an even more desperate anxiety is also weaning—the threat of aggressive liberalism.

How sad it is that it took nearly insurmountable debt, environmental and heathcare policies that would bankrupt us, the threat of taxation that stalemated businesses from replenishing inventory and hiring, and mounting government control that would break the back of American freedom for Americans to realize that we needed to fire some of our elected officials.

People now realize that the issues of the election matter; issues in politics matter and have consequence.

This past election was an opportunity because we realized that it takes an active and interested populace to keep government on track. If the people are not involved, then the government will fill the void of our inactivity.

We saw the consequence of socialist-style economics when we compiled trillions of dollars in debt by bailing out failing business models on Wall Street and hated what happened next. The American Church needs to move quickly and make the case that while the economic issues of this past election matter, there are foundational issues that are much more important. This opportunity should not be overlooked.

“Social issues” are the country’s foundation and always have been. Some of these issues are the sanctity of human life, the dignity of traditional marriage, religious liberty, the Principle of Subsidiarity, prudence, and many others.

When mothers are not accountable for the life of their unborn child, for instance, we should not be surprised when corporate executives do not feel accountable to their investors. After all, shouldn’t we value human life more than money? Our country’s priorities are so twisted that retirement accounts are valued above aborted babies on election campaign platforms.

When life, marriage, religious liberty, prudence, and other Christian virtues are rejected by the political elite, expect the rest of society to crumble under Relativism and Consequentialism.

Life matters, marriage and the family matters, and religious liberty matters too. These types of issues need to be reinforced in the public square, and only the Church has the capacity to do it.

Billy Atwell blogs at For the Greater Glory

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