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Friday, November 12, 2010

Obama's grim pursuit of Muslim romance

by Wesley Pruden

"Unrequited love is a sad thing to watch, whether it's a callow teenager mooning over a photograph of that cute girl in algebra class, Scarlett O'Hara pining for the elusive Ashley — or Barack Obama in relentless pursuit of the affections of uninterested Muslims.

"The president seems to have left his heart in Jakarta, where he lived as a child in the late '60s. "Let me begin with a simple statement," he told his Indonesian hosts, "Indonesia is part of me." A nice sentiment, and visitors are expected to indulge in polite exaggeration in thanking their hosts. Mr. Obama continued with the usual diplomatic lies that diplomats count on nobody taking seriously, praising his hosts' "diversity, democracy and tolerance," citing Indonesia as a model for other countries. There was no need to go into the nation's brutal and bloody history; the ethnic cleansing that killed up to 1 million men, women and children; the suppression of those warm and friendly folk by corrupt and oppressive regimes."

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Amusing Bunni said...

He's totally deluded and too bad he didn't stay there.