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Thursday, November 18, 2010

"See me, feel me"

This is disgusting.

TSA airport screening procedures, as ordered by The National Embarrasser, B. Hussein Obama, will go on. "Pre-enhanced pat down" is a provocation to see how much vile, repellent infringement of liberty we will take.

Men, women and children who look especially tasty to perverted TSA officials will be groped with great fondling. Despite the fact the intimacy of the searches are felony violations, they will go on, and on....

Even the Left's redoubtable ACLU, who usually squeals in delight over invasive government, is taking exception to the TSA search pattern.

A reasonable search gives reasonable assurance of safety. Unreasonable searches, like TSA's current model, only give unreasonable invasion of privacy.

There is no justification for this kind of search. The riff that "we have to stop terrorism" has only given us new terrorists -- wearing government uniforms. Terrorism has found a new home in the administration.

We face the prospect of being searched at the airport. Those searches should be targeted against likely offenders. The TSA's sense of fairness is so warped it requires they behave stupidly, arrogantly, invasively, frisking terrified 3 year olds.

The death of liberty always is sold to the public this way. Its for our own good.

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