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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be the sheepdog

by Mike Piccione

The Arizona tragedy illustrates there is so much wrong with the human condition. People can use objects to harm others.

Ever since man realized he could take the life of another man we have been killing each other for benefit or revenge. Frequently we justify these actions on a disagreement of another's belief system.

What is so sad now is that people are using this tragic shooting as an opportunity to raise funds to help their political prospects or fill their organizational coffers.

Yes, guns kill. That is what they are designed to do. Many are specifically designed to kill people. Murder existed long before guns were made and it exists in places where guns are outlawed.

Guns can take lives and guns can save lives.

Someday there may be a world that doesn't need guns. Someday there may be a world where you don't need to protect yourself from someone that intends you harm. Until the human condition allows us to live in peace, we are dependent upon the sheepdog.

Be the sheepdog. Protect those that can't protect themselves. To those that want to harm others either for profit or for philosophy-to the best of our ability we won't let you. To those that would disarm the sheepdog, remember the wolves are out there and they will find you. You can't negotiate with them. You can only die.

Life is precious; never deny anyone the opportunity to ensure their self preservation or the protection of the innocent.


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