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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gun Control

Since taking office two years ago, Obama has bypassed Congress and has taken government control of almost every aspect of our lives. Mr Obama is the victimizer. We are the victims.

Now to Eradicate the Second Amendment.

Citing the invasion of violence on the border, the ATF issued an "emergency order" requiring any store that sells more than two self-loading firearms within a five-day period to report the names, addresses and serial numbers of those transactions if the firearms are greater than .22-caliber, semi-automatic, with the ability to accept a detachable magazine.

If it's so important, why didn't Obama allow Congress to vote on it?

Congress wouldn't touch it. If it's all in the name of border security, as Mr Obama insists, why does it apply to every state and not just border states?

This regulation is expected to take effect Wednesday, January 5th.

Mr Obama is attempting to regulate a fundamental, individual right guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. But there is no surprise. He's done nothing but "regulate" us to death since he's been in office.

"To death" ... unfortunately, an accurate choice of words.


Email your Congress people and tell them what to do about this latest invasion from Mr Obama.

Keep your powder dry.

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