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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Obama's insincerity, and murder in Arizona

Phil Boehmke originally posted this on
The American Thinker

Rush Limbaugh has often said "I thank God for my enemies" and the future former president just could not refrain from proving the King of Talk Radio correct. On Good Friday's edition of the "Early Show" on CBS (an administration approved venue) Mr. Obama took time out of his busy schedule for an exclusive one on one interview with Harry Smith (an administration approved TV personality).

Smith asked the president if he was "aware of the level of enmity that crosses the airwaves and that people have made part of their daily conversation about you." Obama replied, "When you've listened to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck it's pretty apparent." The rancor is "troublesome," he said...


Walking with Smith on the grounds of the White House, the president said that he is "concerned about a political climate in which the other side is demonized" and that "everybody has a responsibility, Democrats or Republicans, to tone down some of this rhetoric."


"I do think that there is a tone and tenor that needs to change, where we can disagree without being disagreeable or making wild accusations about the other side."

Much as it pains me, I am forced to agree with Mr. Obama. There really is "a tone and tenor that needs to change." It is extremely "troublesome" to hear statements like "if they bring a knife to the fight-we bring a gun," "I want you to go out and get in their face," "the Cambridge Police acted Stupidly," or "Don't you think we're not keeping score, brother." Isn't it just a tad disagreeable to have a website such as used as a "snitch line" to report political dissent? Yes, it is very "troublesome" when the president sounds like a Chicago politician or an SEIU thug (not that there is a difference).

To be fair, Mr. Obama is not entirely to blame for all of the vitriol, the "vast right wing conspiracy" that populates the talk radio airwaves (and Fox News) has played a major role as well. Instead of sticking to the MSM script and the party line, those annoying right wingers keep digging up embarrassing facts and (worse yet) sound bites which make the future former president and his comrades look like...what they really are.

Regarding Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, their genuine love for America and tireless work to expose the enemies of freedom will not go unpunished. In singling them out Mr. Obama has forced them to deal with the consequences of his vociferous disapproval, which based upon past experience means that they will be saddled with even higher ratings!

Phil Boehmke

We need to be reminded to what depth this Administration and the "Democratic" Party is willing to sink.

The Left has already started rolling in the fresh blood in Arizona, turning the loss of innocent life into political gain.

They have cowed the Republican controlled House into dropping health care repeal for now.

The Left-most elements of the party are demanding suspension of the right of free speech and registration of all firearms.

As long as the hypnotized droids of the Party controlled press worship at the altar of Big Government, we're going to get more of this.

Still, we must repeal government controlled health care. We must defend the right to free speech and firearms ownership. Its going to be a long haul.

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