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Monday, March 7, 2011

The call for action is fine.

A friend sent one of those incensed call-to-action emails to me. The email said something tot he effect that something had to be done because of an injustice he'd noticed.


The call for action is fine. But a call to action sometimes lead to government action. 'Government action' can be described as the use of force without regard for how facts may vary from allegation. In itself, the will to use force is very tolerant of distortion and lying. Politics is founded on lies.

For normal mortals like you and me, the free market is far less tolerant of lying. If we find out some manufacturer/seller sold us bad or overpriced product, we stop buying from that seller. If we have no choice from whom we buy, government is almost always involved.

This is evidence the old adage, "That government which governs least governs best" is a good idea. The less the government controls in life, the more accurate, honest and better our lives will be.


Restating that in the negative, governments screw up. Never trust a government to do what you can do for yourself. If you cannot do it for yourself, it is probably better left undone.

Governments have a history of making terrible mistakes even worse. If you really want things to go badly, call for government action. This wisdom is the foundation of conservative American politics - government inaction is better.

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