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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama on the Attack!

What? Again?

The Attack President

The nation is still in Depression. Obama proposed $1,000,000,000,000 in new taxes per year. Obama soothingly assured everyone he will only "tax the rich."

This is insane.

Does Obama think the rich in the US get $1 trillion per year? The nation's gross domestic product is only $14.66 trillion. Obama must think taking 7% more of every American's income a mere trifling.

If enacted, Obama's mad tax increases will condemn the United States to economic doldrums for years to come.

Obama is not a stupid man. Obama knows this will be the effect of his massive mismanagement. Therefore Obama must be seeking to devastate the American economy.


Under Obama's plan, the rich will be taxed. GE won't pay any federal income taxes on their $14 billions profit. GE's boss, Jeffrey Immelt, is a big supporter and close personal adviser to Obama.

To be completely accurate, about 28% of all American corporations, large and small (mostly very small), didn't pay any income tax last year. 28% is about the percent of corporations which failed to make any money last year.


Obama is Corrupt

Obama's "green" agenda is driving up energy costs, killing jobs, and making us more dependent on foreign oil. Gasoline prices are above $4 per gallon, and rising.

Despite the fact that Americans support more oil and gas drilling, the Obama White House has repeatedly banned, delayed, obstructed, and Obama even tried to tax production of American energy.

Last year, while Obama was trying to choke off domestic energy production, the BP oil spill happened. Obama let BP continue to pollute the Gulf for months. Then Obama tried to squelch information about his relationship with BP and the actual damage in the gulf. Then we discovered what motivated Obama: BP has donated $77,051 to Obama.


Who is Obama working for?

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