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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Obama Plans Debt Catastrophe

Obama is unconsciously telegraphing what he intends to do about national debt. He is a very inept man. He is predicting national catastrophe as if increasing the debt ceiling were the only way to avert it.

This is Obama telegraph message. To give us the catastrophe Obama desires, the administration intend to attempt a forced default on current treasuries -- if Obama does not get the long-term catastrophe of more debt. The Obama way leads to catastrophe.

The debt ceiling is only a government problem. You and I will be affected by reduced spending, but we will pretty much able to carry on in our lives. But if the debt goes up as high as Obama wants it to go, we citizens will be swamped with taxes to pay off the debt.

Default or more debt are not the only options. Less spending is another option. The first use of all government funds should be to repay the debt. The Democrats will try to structure the situation so that somehow not laying more debt on American children will look unpalatable.

Their willing accomplices in the Party controlled press will tout increasing the debt as if no one has to pay for it. Except maybe the rich fairy-elf no one knows.

Whether or not the Big Government lie will work will depend on how many of us have realized the Left's war is upon all Americans, especially the middle class.

We must force reduced spending upon the Democrats. The government does not have to default on debt even if the budget talks fail. The administration can always reduce its stupid spending.

Email 'em. Use the links on the left side of the page. Tell 'em no more debt.

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