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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One Health Care Law For All Some

No liberty in ObamaCare, or anywhere else for that matter.

The most significant feature of republic is that everyone is equal before the law. No law is enacted or allowed which confers special privilege. Republic means equality before the law.

The Obama administration is all about inequality before the law. 78 million people will become uninsured due to ObamaCare. Nevertheless, Obama has now handed out ObamaCare Waivers, special legal status, to 733 of Obama's political allies, by the administration's own account.

Legitimate government has only one source of new law, and all law must be in accord with common law; the law of the People. In the American system, new law comes from the Congress. All law they enact must be in accord with the Constitution as understood by the common People.

ObamaCare grants waivers, but this feature does not exist in the law enacted by Congress. Instead the Department of Health and Human Services simply declared they have the power to grant favor to their political pets.

Apply for your own ObamaCare Waiver. This a genuine government information link.

ObamaCare must be repealed by Congress and the concept of government control of health care rejected by everybody. Government has no business trifling with the health of the People.

Violating the Republic
A litany of violations

It takes amazing arrogance to circumvent the American Constitution and WIll of the People as Obama has done. The Left will continue to push to destroy personal liberty. Obama and Co. will use ObamaCare to invade the privacy of those in need of health care.

The Obama administration is presently requiring the ATFE to gather unlawful information about firearms sales in border states. They say this is the prevent firearms from slipping into criminal hands. The ATFE's Project Gunrunner was set up to smear the reputations of lawful gun owners in preparation to ban private gun ownership. Obama is also courting the UN to restrict private firearms ownership. (link)

The EPA, in 2010, restricted private landlords from painting their rentals in the name of lead abatement (Asbestos abatement is being used to the same end). The private landlord must register with the government, take special courses and pay a fee to be able to paint his own property. If we still lived in freedom, there would need to be some reason to regard the property as lead tainted before the regulation is applied. This despite the fact that serum blood lead levels in children have declined since 1980. (link)

The administration is causing economic uncertainty by flip-flopping on oil drilling, resulting in high oil prices. Although Obama presently says he will okay oil drilling in the gulf, his allies in the authoritarian Green Movement have come to Obama's rescue. (link) Seems deep sea drilling is still effectively banned.

Heavy industry requires time to set up and get going. Who will risk spending millions and millions of dollars if the government may ban the effort after the private funds are spent. This is plainly unfair. No one seriously believes the Obama Administration plans to be fair with American Industry.


Not just the Federal government.

Liberal Washington State is a symptom of Obama style government. The state has descended into a morass of restriction, entitlement and state sponsored duplicity. (link) The state legislature adjourned having spent $5 billion more than they took in. Boeing removed their headquarters. Microsoft is shrinking. Business is abandoning the state for less restrictive ground. The Leftist effort is enforced by their ever-ready cadre of lawyers eager and willing to sue anyone who doesn't conform to government mandate (for a hefty fee, of course). In the "liberal" state, everyone is required to conform.

Liberal California, before it was so corrupted, used to be the 8th largest economy in the world and the largest state economy in the US. (link) But the home of Nancy Pelosi is economically shrinking, now placing behind New York State. If you look at the surface streets in California, you will notice a third world appearance. And potholes. Everything is rusting. Meanwhile, illegal aliens demand more, and public employees get pay increases.

Leftist liberalism spreads malaise everywhere it goes.


Until all Americans realize how government power is abused by liberalism and activism, we are screwed.


Z said...

ANybody who believed Obama when he said "You can keep your insurance if you like it" deserves to walk the plank. And look what's happening now.
Can we as individuals ask for waivers from Obamacare? Ya, but where else would we go? What company can compete with Obamacare until it, too, goes broke? How the heck are they PAYING FOR IT? Will we send premiums to CHINA?
Gad, Bobqat, what a mess.

Always On Watch said...

I've looked around your site a bit.

You are blogrolled.