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Monday, August 15, 2011


The ObamaBus Tour

President Barack Obama leaves the White House today for a three-day bus trip, talking job creation at small towns across the Midwest in hopes of distancing himself from the "partisan brinksmanship" he says has poisoned the economy.

(This is the same Congress which gave Obama everything he wanted.)

The trip isn't likely to be without bumps.

Obama appears to be trying out a campaign theme by blaming Congress — without a direction mention of Republicans — for the bitterness that led to an eleventh-hour debt limit agreement, and White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the president was expecting to hear more anger on the road.

Polls find that the partisan feud over raising the debt ceiling, the stock market gyrations and a stubborn unemployment rate have left Americans more pessimistic about the economy and their future than at any time this year. Republicans already have accused Obama of mixing policy with politics by barnstorming in the battleground region — at taxpayer expense.

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