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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kabul under siege

Obama's incompetence (or malice) bears fruit.

Taliban fighters fired rockets at the U.S. Embassy and NATO headquarters in Kabul on Tuesday and attacked police in three other areas in the biggest assault the insurgent group has mounted on the Afghan capital.

In July of 2010, Obama chided Afghan President Karzai for the uptick in fighting. Obama effectively neutered Karzai, making him look like a foreign puppet.

For some time, Obama appears to have been trying to provoke Afghans into a nationalist backlash against foreigners.


Afghanistan is in a violent part of the world. Nearly all the people who dwell there are Mohammedans, a religion susceptible to violence. Nevertheless, when Obama inserted his own policies into that conflict, the combat was largely over. Now that Obama has sidelined Karzai and provoked the "Arab Spring" debacle, we know Obama should have seen this present destruction as the inevitable result.

Leftist ideology is built on the idea of victim classes versus a victimizer class. Mr Obama hates Americans most; he views Americans as victimizers. So any policy he promulgates will seek to damage Americans.

Its likely there will be more.

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