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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Full Alinsky – a wall of noise technique

Normally I don't watch much television – its too depressing. But once in a while when I can't sleep, I brave the big knob. That is how I came to watch part of FOX news' Bill O'Reilly program.

O'Reilly's segment was about voter fraud – some states want to make it more difficult to commit fraud during balloting. Of course, election fraud is something no good American wants. But some people in politics have no scruple about their own power.

O'Reilly featured Caroline Heldman, a woman from the far Left. He asked Heldman why the “Democratic” Party objects to photo identification being used to reduce voter fraud. Then it was off to the races. Heldman insistently asserted voter fraud was not a problem, and that as many people are struck by lightning as will commit voter fraud (thus showing the “Democratic” Party is not even slightly interested in proper election procedure). She went on to assert that voter identification laws were being promoted by the Koch Brothers, which made them a bad idea. O'Reilly tried to make her explain the reference to the Koch Brothers (which makes no sense), but Heldman shouted him down.

Heldman steadfastly stonewalled any of O'Reilly's questions. When Heldman posed a question of her own, she shouted down O'Reilly when he began to reply. Heldman wasn't merely displaying bad manners, she was displaying the far Left's “discussion.”

From the instant she knew her microphone was live, the woman's mouth was full of accusations and attack. She stated that people should be allowed to vote without having to produce photo identification because some people and old people were unable to get photo identification. She cited some "study" which she said exactly proved her point. She would brook no questions; everything she said had to be accepted exactly as she said it or else it would provoke another blistering attack.

There was no moment of consideration, no thoughtful pause – just a relentless wall of noise.

Normal people prefer a more reasoned, calm approach that this terroristic style. This Leftist tactic is the mindless, uncaring attack style of The Full Alinsky.

You can watch the video here.

75% of Americans think the voter should show identification to vote.



You can recognize when you've been Alinskied: You will have conversation which turns into a confrontation. You feel as though you lost. That is what the left is after - to make you feel defeated. They know if America feels sad and down, we will feel depressed. If we feel depressed, we will have a harder time throwing off this economic depression. They hope we will become dependent on the government they control. So confound the DemocRats -- Smile and have a good time today.

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