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Monday, January 30, 2012


Obama's followers are playing in the toilet again. The dirtiest form of politics is acceptable, only if you side with them.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer finger-wagged at Obama, telling him to learn about Arizona's border problem. Obama was not interested in border security, so the finger wagging ensued. Apparently women, even governors, are not allowed to do that in Obama's America.

Obama's pets in the press are insisting the incident is racist. MSNBC carried Al Sharpton whimpering (in essence) no one should disagree with Obama because Obama is black/Democrat/authoritarian. Sirius XM radio host Joe Madison said essentially the same thing.

Oh barf. Obama was confronting the governor -- the event was mutual. The clear meaning of the "racist" charge is the Democrazies can't take the heat. By being overly protective, the Democrats show themselves as the true racists.

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