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Monday, January 30, 2012

What's with Leftist Economics?

Leftist Obamanoids say we are a demand driven economy. They reason the government ought to stimulate demand, darn the deficit, and things will improve.

Since Obama's debt-laden "Stimulus" of 3 years ago didn't work, the Leftists insist Republicans interfered with it, using "trickle down" or voodoo economics. If you question a Leftist closely on this point, they become very vague.

Leftist say Republicans are willing to suffer with a bad economy because they are stupid --- and the Republicans have outwitted Obama's brilliant economics. The Leftists never notice the contradiction.


You've heard of the economics Law of Supply and Demand. It means Supply must equal Demand or the market is out of whack. If we do as the Leftists insist, and stimulate demand while neglecting supply, the economy will be out of whack.

Minimum wage

The Democrats have complicated the supply side with new rules and regulation. The very first thing the Democrats did when Obama was installed was increase the federal minimum wage. This had the effect of pricing minimally-able workers out of the market. This is the prime cause of the enduring 8-9% unemployment during the last 3 years.

Environmental Protection Thuggery
The Environmental Protection Agency has gone ape, restricting farm supply, paper supply production, guitar production (which doesn't apply to Democrat guitar makers) and more. The EPA is clearly being used for political purposes, not environmental ones.

The "Supply Side"
The supply side of the economy is the productive side. Producers make stuff the demand, or consumption side needs. In a healthy economy, the two sides are the same people. You make something I want, I make something you want, and we exchange those things in the free market. Supply must equal demand.

The supply side is the side which creates jobs. When Obama cheated on this in 2009 , unemployment shot up. Obama and his Democrats exported American jobs to countries which do not protect their workers from working.

Each of Obama's "Jobs bills" has included punishment for the employer. This brings us to another Leftist fable -- somehow employees don't need employers. In fact, the employer organizes the employees time and effort into production. Employer and employees need each other to work.


More government debt will only break the bank. More government interference will only break the economy. The more the Left sucks around for action plans, the more likely they are to hit upon the scheme of total oppression. America must recover from this attack of big government now. Obama must go.

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