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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back on the Bull?

From Zacks Update

Stocks got back to their bullish ways on Monday thanks to the Greek Parliament wisely seeing the need for austerity no matter how many citizens are rioting in the streets. Note that when my children throw tantrums, I don't give in to it either. And simply the government of Greece coddled their citizens for so long (with cushy government jobs, cradle to grave benefits and lax tax collection), that they have no way of knowing right from wrong. So this was some tough medicine that had to be administered.

Back on the home-front, the Wall Street Journal released data from their panel of economists. To be fair, these guys have a pretty poor history of getting it exactly right. However, there is value in knowing if they view things as improving or deteriorating.

Gladly, they currently see US GDP coming in at +2.5% for 2012. This is a solid improvement over the +1.6% from last year, which bodes well for the continuation of the Muddle Through economy. It also means lower odds of a recession coming anytime soon. And thus higher odds of stock market gains in the future.

See what putting Republicans in charge of only the House of Representatives can do? If only, and only if, we elect more Republicans to the Congress this November, will the recovery continue. Electing Anybody But Obama would be an improvement too.


America has shifted its morality. It used to be a person who succeeded was envied, but no one thought of stealing from him, except thieves. Now, stealing from the successful has become a national policy. Obama continues to preach hate, calling hate "fairness". Because of the steady preaching of name-calling, hate, and theft, Obama is polling very well. People saying he is on message. Have we gone insane?

If government blithely steals from the successful when things are improving, imagine the motive. Imagine the results. If success is not allowed, then poverty is all that is permitted. Obama's greed is for other money, some of which he will give to his backers. Obamunism is pure gangsterism.

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