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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Emporer's New Budget

Obama’s new budget proposal calls for annual federal government spending to increase by $192 billion in 2012 and $928 billion by 2017.

The budget documents show federal spending of $3,603 billion for 2011 growing to $3,795 billion in 2012 and $4,531 billion in 2017.

“Today (February 13), President Obama sent Congress a $3.8 trillion budget request for Fiscal Year 2013 that includes a $1.9 trillion tax increase on American families and small businesses, $47 trillion in government spending over the next decade and another year of trillion dollar-plus deficits. Four years ago, candidate Obama promised to cut the deficit in half during his first term.

"President Obama failed to keep this promise, instead adding trillions to our federal deficit in the three years since he took office. If this budget is any indicator, he has no intention of changing course and will continue with his same failed policies that have dug our nation deeper into debt.

"After a failed stimulus, record unemployment, and a sluggish economic recovery, the American people need real solutions to get our economy back on track."

Doc Hastings (R - WA)

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