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Monday, February 6, 2012

"Lower IQ earlier in life.."

Psychological Science, "A Journal for the Association for Psychological Science" announced their association of lower intelligence quotient, racism and conservative politics.
in an article titled, "Bright Minds and Dark Attitudes -- Lower Cognitive Ability Predicts Greater Prejudice Through Right-Wing Ideology and Low Intergroup Contact."

I wonder what APS would think of people who have pigmented skin, a broad background and conservative political ideals. They'd probably give us our own drinking fountain.

Naturally, the article was picked up by the moonbat left: Moonbat one. Moonbat two.

In response, a friend sent me this email full sage observations.

Prejudice is a learned behavior, and sometimes not necessarily all that bad, either. Prejudice keeps you away from people you've learned by experience to avoid.
So, ask yourself this question: Is it because of the liberal mindset, or conservative mindset, that you and I aren't speaking German or Japanese today?
Of course with the way Obummer and crew are driving our debt, we'll all be speaking Chinese by 2016....

(Psssst... My school records indicate that they figured my IQ between 128 and 140. Karen's is similar. Would you rate either of us as 'below the curve?')

After quickly skimming the article, there was one line that caught my eye, and it had to do with 'grasping the complexities of the world' vs conservative. I submit that there are things that are baseline, that when the liberal mindset takes over and tries to 'whitewash' those principles, the society as a whole goes down the tube. Ancient Rome for example. We are getting the Roman mindset with 'bread and circuses for the masses,' and we are sliding down the same slope right for the cliff edge.

A good example of this "liberal mindset" can be found in the latest attempted backlash against Starbucks for allowing people in open carry states to 'pack openly' in their establishments. There has been no problem so far, and in fact when Starbucks came out and basically said puke off to the Brady Bunch, they actually saw an UPTICK in sales!

I'd say it's the "liberals" that have a problem with "grasping the harsh realities of the world."

When I was growing up in ol' Georgia, the white, Democratic Party establishment would not us swim in the whites only pool (We were too dark). The Democratic Administrations of Kennedy and Johnson had made laws that made this illegal. Therefore the Democratic Party insisted the job was done; the South had no racism. You see, they've never been low brow or racist.

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