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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The State of Employment

8.3% unemployment? Really?

Someone cooked the statistics....

The Government's Bureau of Labor Statistics January to January of the last five years tells a confusing story. Employment declined by 4,663,000 since 2008, yet we are told the unemployment rate is dropping. What's happening?

Abstracted from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at, Not-seasonally adjusted --
Only January is compared to itself in the five year period.

The second column is those actually employed, in thousands. You can see that during the first two years of the Obama administration, American employment dropped significantly, despite a net increase in available labor (column 3). The change in available labor is shown in column 5.

The increase in available labor in 2009 is due to mismanagement by the present administration -- large numbers of people were being dismissed. The people who were dismissed were unemployed for long enough they began to disappear from statistics of available labor. Those are the negative numbers in column 5 for 2010 and 2011. Keep in mind these are numbers for January.

The Republicans were able to block the current administration's "jobs programs" from being enacted in 2011, and the January 2012 statistic reflects this. Nearly a million people were encouraged to re-enter the workforce and try to get a job. The administration's idea of a "jobs program" is really government restriction on who can be employed. With that nonsense was removed, people started going back to work.

The total result is there is a real decrease in recent unemployment, but overall, there is still significant damage done to the working class by the current administration's mismanagement. 4,663,000 American workers have paid the price of Obama's ineptitude

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