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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Entitlement Mentality

There is an entitlement mentality infecting the politics of America

There are people who want to comfort themselves with your property. They vote to have taxes raised so they can the government take what is yours have a pleasant day. But that isn't the entitlement I talking about.

There is another , more dangerous entitlement mentality -- the people who think they are entitled to run our lives.

We are Americans -- we live by the code of self-direction. We make the decisions which control our own lives. Within certain limits, we do not expect anyone else to do anything for us. Our society is formed this way. Probably, society is always self-ordering. Society is also self-changing, although the changes usually proceed at a very slow pace.

The politicians who want to control our lives think we need their sense of order imposed on us. I suspect they genuinely think they have a better idea of how to organize our lives than we do. Maybe they do, but we are not willing to be dependent on them.

Those entitled to run our lives feel they are genuinely right to control our lives, even if some of us must be punished so we can become enlightened.

What starts out as a penalty for the wrong kind of health care coverage eventually becomes short prison stays, then permanent penalties like hanging. After all, they are entitled to make our lives better.

Eventually the social restraints falter altogether. They have the right and responsibility to control us: No interference with out betterment can be tolerated. Society requires the entitled leader must be obeyed.

Good luck, comrade.

The Road to Serfdom

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