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Thursday, March 1, 2012

OMG! = Obama must go!

The Roman Catholic Church objects to Obamacare's mandate requiring Church employees be covered for abortion and contraception. The church has long held the belief that birth control in general, and abortion in particular, are immoral.

Obama claims he offered a compromise: The compromise would require that church employees be covered for abortion and contraception.

This is no compromise at all. Obama is lying again.

The Church has published its formal objection.

Obama is also violating the First Amendment right of religious freedom. Obama Must Go.


This issue has unfortunately become a major campaign debate. Unfortunately, because this should not be a partisan fight. This is a battle over our most fundamental freedom: freedom of religion. And it’s also a battle over the Constitution--whether Congress can allow government agencies to legislate. It’s a battle that is going to be fought out on Capitol Hill and in the courts.

This is not a partisan question. This is not the Obama Administration vs. the Church. This is a question of whether the Constitution will be respected and the first liberty protected, or whether the bureaucrats will be allowed to make a decision that will override our religious liberties.

Congress would never mandate religious organizations to violate their faith. But in passing the Affordable Health Care Act, Congress in essence delegated its legislative authority to federal agencies—staffed by unelected political appointees.

We want to do our level best to keep this from becoming a partisan issue, and we want to argue always on the high ground, protecting the Constitution and respecting freedom of conscience. It’s at the heart of liberty. When freedom of conscience is lost, all liberty is gone.


The Manhattan Declaration is sending a petition to Obama. Click here to sign.

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