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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Homosexual "marriage"

Yesterday, for the first time, President Obama publicly affirmed his support for same-sex marriage, a calculated political maneuver intended to energize his base in the months before the November presidential election.

Most Americans’ primary concern is their ability to work to provide for their family.  The Obama government has run up crippling debt, we have record deficits, and the global economy is fragile. Meanwhile, this President seems intent on launching national conflicts about life, love, and religious liberty.

Society has permitted nearly any form of social contract as long as there is no violence to society.  In this vein, many state government have enacted social contract laws which recognize that two, same-sex people can have a long term commitment.

Until recently, government has stayed out of the bedroom by not changing the marriage laws.

The word "marriage" has long meant a contract between a man and a woman.  Now government is imposing new meanings of the term against the long standing social norm. Who gave government the right to change language?

This will complicate the tax laws.

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