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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Fraudable Health Care Mandatory.

I had the television on when the stupid news came.  The Supreme Court of the United States said ObamaTax can force free Americans to buy insurance.

I listened to Channel 13 (FOX, Seattle) interview the gleeful Rep. Jim McDermott (D - WA).  McDermott chuckled fiendishly at the news.  Individual free choice and self-determination was overruled by the Court, all in the name of government control and higher taxes.  McDermott was nearly unable to speak for joy that he and his buddies had overruled the will of the People.


The Republic is based on the idea that the People know what is best.  Politicians and other hirelings are servants to the will of the People.  If the public servants forget their place, they should be expelled from office.  Since 54% of the people oppose ObamaCare, it is clear that many of the public servants are due for a booting.


The last time the "Democratic" Party made a determination about American freedom, they were freshly minted (the Republican Party didn't exist yet), it was in the slavery issue.  They had come up with a boneheaded Missouri Compromise, which allowed slavery to contuinue to exist in the United States.

The Dred Scott decision found that individuals had no right to autonomy of self under federal law -- Individuals have no right to self-determination and can be controlled as property.   The American Civil War and the 14th and 15th Amendments subsequently overturned the right of Congress to enact laws to enslave humans.

The politicians, especially the"Democratic" Party politicians, refused to budge -- stage was set for the civil war.   A free society cannot afford to have an inferior class:  All people must have the same rights.

The "Affordable Health Care Act" requires every person in the United States to carry health care coverage of some sort, or face a fine (fraudulently called a "tax").  Even Justice Roberts did not recognize that when a tax is used for coercion, it is a fine. The "Democratic" Party has re-established second-class citizenry in the United States.

If freedom is only for some, then it is freedom for none.  We have lost our right to rule ourselves. Remember this when you vote in November.

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