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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorado massacre

Murderer in Aurora Colorado kills 12 in movie theater.  Press goes on hate-spree against guns with weird focus on the caliber of the guns used.

The gun-control freaks have fresh blood to wallow in.   They are making more of this mass-murder than prior ones.  The reason: The Obama Administration is about to push for Senate approval of a the UN treaty on small arms.   The Obama controlled press needs to establish the rationale.

The Administration's surrogates will say, 'private firearms ownership didn't stop the crime, so we are safer if we ban firearms.'  You see, Colorado has a concealed carry law for handguns.  The rationale goes on:  "Surely if gun ownership worked to protect people,  someone could have rescued some moviegoers.  Surely someone in the theater had a concealed carry permit."

It wouldn't matter.  Colorado law allows businesses to prohibit concealed carry.  The Century 16  movie theater in Aurora was one of those.

"Gun advocates argue that it would have been hard to prevent or stop what happened at the Colorado movie theater for one simple reason:  That it was a gun-free zone in the theater.
"Some people with concealed weapons permits say gun-free businesses like the one in Colorado force them to make a very tough morale or ethical choice:  Whether to respect the wishes of the owners or still bring their weapon with them." 
-From Concealed carry permit & Colorado massacre  By Jeff Ferrell

If you thought the Left had given up trying to prohibit gun ownership, sorry.  We are in for an epic fight to preserve, protect and defend our right to be armed in self-defense.  The enemies of freedom is going to pull out all the stops in this one.

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